Sixteen Square Inches of Missing Skin

(image copyright by the author)

A colleague recently had her newborn son circumcised. When she told me and I winced, she retorted, “What’s the big deal? It was such a tiny piece of skin!”

This encouraged me to measure the surface area of what I myself had been robbed of thirty-five years ago (as it would have appeared in my current adult dimensions), using a Kleenex as a surrogate and judging according to the scar halfway down the shaft of my flaccid penis. By conservative estimate, the answer came out at sixteen square inches, which (after additional measurements), is an area of real estate basically equivalent to:

· My forehead

· The palm of one hand

· Both kneecaps

· All five toes on a single foot

· Slightly more than two credit cards

· Slightly less than a DVD

· My TV remote

· Six full-size sticks of gum

· A souvenir shot glass

· Sixteen postage stamps

· Four dollars’ worth of quarters

But I guess when you cut it off a newborn human, it doesn’t seem like it could ever someday mean so much?

© Kent Clark, 2020

(image copyright by the author)

[Please note: this article is not intended as a commentary on personal penis size, but simply as an awareness-building exercise for the scope and significance of the foreskin as a major part of a normal penis.]

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